Videos – SharePoint 2010 / 2013

Below is our collection of videos focused on different aspects of creating and using taxonomies in the SharePoint 2010 / 2013 environment. See the How-To Videos page for our extensive collection of videos relating to other taxonomy topics. You can also browse and view these videos on our YouTube Channel.

Create Custom Term Sets in SharePoint Site Collections

Watch this video for a quick introduction to creating custom, local term sets that can be applied to site columns via managed metadata services to govern end user tagging.

Creating Security on Term Sets in the Term Store

Creating security on term sets around specified users and groups is easily achieved in SharePoint 2010. A host of fields and selections are available within the term store to govern the use and findability of given terms. Check out this video for a quick tour.

Deprecating Taxonomy Terms in SharePoint Term Store

Sometimes even the best tags in your SharePoint 2010 Term Store taxonomy reach the end of their utility and need to be retired. But don’t delete them! Deprecate them instead. Find out how in this video.

Editing Properties in the SharePoint Term Store

Watch this short video for a quick walk through of the four levels at which properties can be adjusted within the SharePoint 2010 Term Store Manager. Each level builds on the previous and adds unique editing ability within your taxonomies.

Impacting Search with the SharePoint Term Store Manager

One of the biggest reasons to use managed metadata in the SharePoint Term Store is to improve search results. This video shows you some ideas about how tagging content helps to improve search.

Import a Term Set in the SharePoint Term Store

Whether it’s a pre-built taxonomy from a source like WAND, Inc. or one that you’ve built on your own, importing a taxonomy into SharePoint is fairly straightforward. See how we import terms into Term Store in this video.

Check out Jackson’s video as well in Chinese as he demonstrates a term set import.

在SharePoint 2010 Term Store输入一组条目(a term set) 到已经存在的分类(条目)群组(term group)是非

常容易快速的, 你只需要轻松地点一下按键, 输入好条目组後你可以很容易地移动条目组到你所想要的地

方。 看以下的视频来了解如何插入条目的过程。

Importing Synonyms (Other Labels) to Terms in the SharePoint Term Store

SharePoint 2010 may not provide a way to directly import synonyms (other labels) for the terms into the term Store, but you’ve still got some options for getting them in there. Discover a few workarounds in this video.

Managing User-submitted Keywords in SharePoint

Learn how you can monitor and control social tags (user-submitted keywords) in SharePoint.

Merging Terms in the SharePoint Term Store

Merging terms can be tricky. But in a SharePoint taxonomy, it’s fairly easy to do. Isaac shows you how to merge terms, and what the resulting term looks like and how it behaves.

Multiple Languages in the SharePoint Term Store Manager

We’ve addressed using non-English languages in SharePoint 2010 term store to develop taxonomies before (original video immediately below), but in this video, guest blogger Jackson Chang addresses the capability directly (in Mandarin) to explain how the General Business Taxonomy from WAND, Inc. – translated into Chinese – can be used in SharePoint. Jackson focuses on the Accounting & Finance term set.

我们提及过如何使用非英文语言在SharePoint2010 Term Store中来作分类的管理, 但是在这边,

Jackson 使用中文来解释如何在SharePoint中将WAND公司中一般


Prebuilt Taxonomy Import into the SharePoint Term Store Manager

There is some skepticism to using a ‘pre-baked’ taxonomy, mostly by professional taxonomists. But, most companies can get a lot of benefit by starting with a taxonomy that’s 80% correct from Day 1, and then iterating on terms and terminology over time.

事实上, 分类也可以输入到Share Point 2010 的 Term Store 之中并且可以轻松的管理, 其节省的费用可以相

当於䀻请专业昂贵的分类管理人员执行一周所需的费用, 在此,不仅仅我们可以插入一个条目组(a term set)

在 Term Store 之中, 我们也可以输入/插入已经建立好的分类(pre-built taxonomy)到 Term Store 之中.

Reusing Parent and Child Terms in the SharePoint Term Store

Check out this video for a quick tutorial by guest blogger Brian LeBlanc about the quirks of term reuse within a single term set in the SharePoint 2010 Term Store.

Reusing Terms in SharePoint Term Store

It’s easy to reuse terms in the Term Store, but there are pros and cons to doing it. Isaac explains a simple way to take advantage of creating a term once and using it many times across multiple Term Sets.

Term Use in Social Tagging in the SharePoint Term Store Manager

Watch this video to get a quick idea about using managed terms and user-generated keywords to tag shared documents on your team site.

Using Enterprise Keywords for Taxonomy Tagging

It can be risky using user-generated keywords in your taxonomy–not everyone is as careful with their language as they could be–but user keywords can often prove a very useful addition. Here’s our take on how to use those folksonomic terms.

Using “Other Labels” to Help Users Apply the Correct Tag

Help educate your users about the preferred terms you’d like them to use to tag documents in SharePoint 2010 by using the “Other Labels” feature in the Term Store Management Tool. Add the synonymous terms they might use as alternate labels to the correct tags to put users on the right path.

Using Taxonomies for Auto-classification in SharePoint

If you’re using an enterprise content management system like SharePoint 2010, taxonomies can be made more valuable if your content can be auto-classified. Check out how the taxonomy management tool DataFacet can be used to precisely control how auto-classification can be done to get better search results.

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