Videos – NetX

Below is our collection of videos focused on different aspects of creating and using taxonomies in the NetXposure DAM system. See the How-To Videos page for our extensive collection of videos relating to SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Term Store management and discussions of taxonomy topics. You can also browse and view these videos on our YouTube Channel.

Using Metadata in a Digital Asset Management System

One of the best ways to improve asset findability in an information management system is to add metadata. Period. What makes it even better is to use your taxonomies–even if they’re built in Excel–to control how the tags are applied. Check out this video to see how the NetXposure DAM system allows you to export and import metadata.

Bulk Editing Metadata in a Digital Asset Management System

This video provides a quick demo of NetXposure’s digital asset management system. Users are allowed to bulk edit assets–like images–all at once. This process is faster and much less expensive than adding metadata one asset at a time. In addition, it’s all done using a clean, useful, customizable interface for metadata fields. Check it out!

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