Taxonomy Governance for SharePoint

Taxonomy Governance CoverYou can purchase the document in our Store. Or, if you’re thinking about purchasing the guide but need to see what’s in it first, go ahead and download the Table of Contents

Our Services

Term Management provides consulting services for planning, designing, building, implementing and maintaining your company’s taxonomies. Learn more about our service offerings in this overview. Download/view the PDF

Taxonomy Services Planning

Your company may want or need a roadmap to determine the extent of its needs and to help estimate the cost of a taxonomy solution before committing to one. We can quickly put such a roadmap into your hands. Download/view the PDF

Enterprise Taxonomy Implementation

We can help you plan, build, and implement an enterprise taxonomy that can serve your company’s needs today and in the future by delivering an improved search and navigation experience for everyone. Download/view the PDF

Taxonomy Governance Planning

Your taxonomy must remain current if it is to consistently deliver value and provide the best return on your investment in it. Learn how we can help you keep your taxonomy relevant through solid governance planning. Download/view the PDF


10 Tips & Tricks for Using the Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint 2010

This is from our presentation at Office365 Saturday in Redmond on February 25. Email me if you want to get the PPT version with notes: or you can Download/view the PDF.

WAND – Term Management Webinar FAQ

From our September 2011 webinars. This answers a lot of questions attendees had during the webinar but we couldn’t get to during the call. Features a lot of specific questions about using the Term Store Management tool in SharePoint 2010.
Download/view the PDF.

Taxonomy Cost Benefit Analysis

For many enterprises, the need exists to thoroughly integrate a corporate-wide taxonomy or taxonomies into every aspect of the search experience on a corporate portal where documents are regularly created,  maintained and retired. The reality is that many large organizations have isolated, ‘ one-off ’ taxonomy efforts within different groups or divisions that effectively function for that group or division, but would not scale out appropriately for the entire enterprise, due to discrepancies in term usage, term definitions and term relationships.

Mike Doane takes a deeper look at the benefits a taxonomy can bring in this article for the Journal of Digital Asset Management article: “Cost-benefit analysis: Integrating an enterprise taxonomy into a SharePoint environment
Download/view the PDF

Managing Your Taxonomies

Having trouble controlling your intranet taxonomies? Effective taxonomy governance is a must to ensure consistency of term use and management within your organization. Take a look at “A Short Guide to Helping Companies Create and Manage A Taxonomy” and consider how it can be applied or augmented in your workplace.
Download/view the PDF.

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