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Friday Afternoon Tips: 5 Key Questions about Taxonomy Governance in SharePoint

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Some clients have said they don’t even know how to ask the right questions about taxonomy governance. Based on the Taxonomy Governance for SharePoint guide (see more in our Store), here are five key things to think about regarding governance and your taxonomy in SharePoint:

1. Why is a taxonomy necessary? A taxonomy (or a collection of taxonomies) provides a foundation for how a company can control and use terms and vocabularies across all of its assets and content/information systems.

2. How long does it take to create a taxonomy? An initial taxonomy can be created in as little time as a month, but most take 2-3 months to establish and many more months to be fully integrated into one or more systems (e.g. SharePoint).

3. Why does a taxonomy need governance? Taxonomies can grow rapidly and can quickly become outdated or unnecessarily complex unless some kind of rules and processes are in place to help with control and planned growth.

4. What kind of governance ‘model’ is best? Of the three main types of governance models (defined below) – centralized, decentralized, autonomous – in most cases the best is a decentralized approach that works best for growing and maintaining a taxonomy.

5. Who’s going to maintain it? For those without the services of a professional taxonomist or trained knowledge manager, maintenance can be accomplished with shared responsibilities within the existing staff. The harder part is how the taxonomy should be maintained and even expanded and improved over time.


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Taxonomy Governance for SharePoint guide now available!

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Taxonomy Governance CoverThis nearly 100-page, hands-on guide to taxonomy governance in SharePoint 2010 / 2013 is now available in our Store. Also includes links to 15+ videos that show the ideas in action.

Designed for anyone responsible for maintaining a taxonomy in the SharePoint Term Store, this guide will get you started on governance and help keep your taxonomy up to date and useful once it’s launched.

Don’t let your SharePoint taxonomy investment go to waste! Use industry standards, policies and procedures and best practices for taxonomies.