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Importing Existing Term Sets into the SharePoint 2010 Term Store (in English and Chinese)

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Importing a term set into an existing term group can be achieved in seconds. Within given term groups you can import built-out term sets with the click of a button. From this point it is a matter of moving selected terms from your imported set to desired locations.  Check out this video to see the process unfold.

Sounds easy, right? Think again. Does the set you’ve just imported play well with others? Have you suddenly and unwittingly created a host of synonyms or rogue related terms? Importing a term set is deceptively easy, but the process must be governed.

Check out Jackson’s video as well in Chinese as he demonstrates a term set import.

在SharePoint 2010 Term Store输入一组条目(a term set) 到已经存在的分类(条目)群组(term group)是非

常容易快速的, 你只需要轻松地点一下按键, 输入好条目组後你可以很容易地移动条目组到你所想要的地

方。 看以下的视频来了解如何插入条目的过程。

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