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Featured Service: Enterprise Taxonomy Implementation

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Planning, building, and implementing a taxonomy, which requires understanding users’ needs, can serve a company’s needs for today and tomorrow by helping it to deliver an improved search and navigation experience for everyone.

 A company may have a general idea of what it wants to accomplish with an enterprise taxonomy, but it may not be aware of all the details critical to developing and implementing a taxonomy that will make the most of its investment. There are teams to assemble, technologies to use, timelines to create, and budgets to approve, certainly, but it must also consider how to best govern and grow the taxonomy for the future.

Here’s an outline of how we roadmap an entire enterprise taxonomy implementation

Step 1 – Research and Auditing

  • Interview subject matter experts – SMEs help provide an understanding of the terms that should go into the taxonomy.
  • Audit content – Collect and analyze content to construct a taxonomy with the right mix of terms to use as tags, for manually tagging and autoclassification.
  • Review existing taxonomies – Identify any existing informal taxonomies in the company to help build out the formal enterprise taxonomy

Step 2 – Building and Testing

  • Creating the initial draft – Assemble as many relevant terms as possible for the first draft.
  • Subject matter expert review – SMEs must have chance to review and guide final development of the initial draft.
  • Revisions and testing – First version of the taxonomy is tested in informal technical setting with end users and revised based on its ability to tag and retrieve content.

Step 3 – Technology Integration

  • Import into Technology – After user and systems testing, taxonomy is revised for adaption and integrated into the technology.
  • Testing within search system – Results page may need to be redesigned to take advantage of newly tagged content.

Step 4 – Governance and Growth

  • Policy planning and development – Identify people to work on the taxonomy and create policies to manage it for long-term stability and growth.

Learn more: download/view our Enterprise Taxonomy Implementation datasheet

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