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Import a Prebuilt Taxonomy into the SharePoint 2010 Term Store (in English and Chinese)

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There is some skepticism to using a ‘pre-baked’ taxonomy, mostly by professional taxonomists. But, most companies can get a lot of benefit by starting with a taxonomy that’s 80% correct from Day 1, and then iterating on terms and terminology over time. Don’t believe us? Try the free General Business Taxonomy from WAND (download) and try it yourself.

The taxonomy can be imported into SharePoint 2010 Term Store and managed like any other taxonomy that an expensive taxonomy consultant would charge weeks of effort to implement. (Yes, we’re taxonomy consultants, but we believe in iterating on an existing taxonomy rather than just building from scratch). Watch how Isaac imports the general business taxonomy into SharePoint in this video .

Jackson also does the same in Chinese in this video.

事实上, 分类也可以输入到Share Point 2010 的 Term Store 之中并且可以轻松的管理, 其节省的费用可以相当於䀻请专业昂贵的分类管理人员执行一周所需的费用, 在此,不仅仅我们可以插入一个条目组(a term set)在 Term Store 之中, 我们也可以输入/插入已经建立好的分类(pre-built taxonomy)到 Term Store 之中.

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